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April 6 - A Systems Theory of The UFO‏

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A Systems Theory of The UFO

Is The UFO a Proverbial Virus? The Holographic Pattern of Mutation, Selection and Interdependence

Dedicated To the Late John Keel

The Wider Lens of Interdependence, The Anomalous and Systems Theory

Others before this writer have looked at the UFO phenomenon as a process rather than a series of discrete events. We have our pockets picked while the contents then are rearranged. Why is a holistic approach missing from Ufology? I think we can all agree on this to some extent. What is the process and if it has an origin, where does it lie? Is it in front of our faces, in a form of self adsorbed crib blindness, are we off topic entirely, and are we missing a larger perspective? Can we transcend our self interests to view a less weighted one with larger stakes beyond "good" and "evil" which may be awaiting us when we cease navel gazing and begin to see ourselves and this relationship with our environment, with new eyes? This is more than likely. We seem to be more interested in our own frames than what the evidence, such as it is, portrays.

"Like many dreams, it may function as a premonition or catalyst, rousing us from our world of stock quotes, sports updates, SUVs, and PDAs. ..."
- Mac Tonnies

Consider for a moment, that our ancestors viewed natural forces as the work of a projected human-like Gods, rather than a process that balances the overall environment. Most of Ufology is stuck in a script that they parrot from time immemorial and as time moves beyond the repetition of "new" contexts in a creakingly old format. Perhaps Ufology needs to "grow up" to see itself as a vital portion of a larger evolution in the sciences rather than duplicating a medieval iconography of Angels, Demons and Gods. Has anyone else noticed this? Whether the military industrial machine or rumor mill has or is picking it's nose is entirely off topic when it comes to developing new conceptual models that more closely fit the phenomenon.

"I don't have a good explanation for the question of why the technology seems to appear in a form that uses images from our own unconscious. I'd be kidding if I said that I understand that. There are cases of repeated observations where the phenomenon begins by being amorphous and then starts matching the expectations of the witnesses. There are two ways to deal intellectually with that: One is to say it's a phenomenon of the brain which is very good at reading recognizable images in amorphous things like clouds and ink blots. So, perhaps the witnesses are getting used to this phenomenon and are starting to read things into it. But that's not the only explanation. It may be that the phenomenon itself is using our reactions to it in order to turn into something that we expect or understand. We may be carrying a matrix of imagery that it somehow picks up. A good example of that is Fatima. The apparitions witnessed at Fatima did not start in 1917. They started two years before. Some of the same kids were involved, and there were also other witnesses. What they saw was a globe of light. Then they saw a globe of light with some type of being inside. Then they started calling the being an angel, and then the angel stated communicating with them and gave them a prayer. It developed in stages, and culminated in 1917, but even then the virgin Mary wasn't seen by everyone who was present." -Jacques Vallee

I think it is comical from a less interested perspective to see how much ink is expended on the term "singularity" when we do not view the world as it, functioning as such, as it already is. Is this blindness an evolutionary barrier? If so, if nature is a self correcting process, where does this place us? Even more comical is the concept this portrays the arrival of artificial intelligence when we cannot describe what intelligence is and all of our species behavior clearly demonstrates we lack the capability to discern value from convenience, or even conceits. Some anomalies are more obvious than others.

Whether we apply theism, agnosticism,science, mysticism, pantheism or a atheist lens to the natural world of which we are a part, a portion, one can step out of these frames and simply observe that all living subsystems whether they be this or that, are entangled and interdependent. All as well as the whole simultaneously transform, store and irradiates energy, from the solar to the gaseous atmosphere to the condensations in water, soil mineral, metal, cellular etc. All reciprocally maintain the other. All are subject to and are sensitive to the larger environment, and have, a self correcting serial mutation, or if you will, a larger transmutation that balances the requirements of the overall system. While this is obvious to some extent to some, this planetary colony is also directly linked to the solar system, etc. All of this forms an elegant spiral when we add the notion of space\time to this phenomenon, rather than the sensory limitations of our eyes. In this post, we move away from the subject studying itself within the confines of itself and examine a more global perspective in regard to the paranormal. Perhaps we have a new term at hand, call it Quantum Animism as the expression of a most creative and reinventive nature, that bites back.

What I are referring to is System Theory.Systems theory is an interdisciplinary theory about the nature of complex systems in nature, society, and science, and is a framework by which one can investigate and/or describe any group of objects that work together to produce some result. This could be a single organism, any organization or society, or any electro-mechanical or informational artifact. As a technical and general academic area of study it predominantly refers to the science of systems that resulted from General System Theory (GST), among others, in initiating what became a project of systems research and practice.

A Self Correcting System Versus Anthropological Projections

Whereas the late Mac Tonnies, John Keel and Jacques Valle have theorized on a individuated albeit hidden species, I suggest this is like looking in a fun house mirror and then drawing a preliminary conclusion that you are staring at an alien. In other words, the UFO phenomenon may represent a natural phenomenon which is the sentience of a living system. I am not saying the planet has a smiley face or a personality, rather it like us is a biocomputer, as are we as an extension of it's processes. It may be that we are alienated from it's processes rather than being misdirected by our own axioms toward purposeless extraterrestrials. If you believe in the exploitation
sub-theory of UFO's, as a race that has no apparent consistent values, look in the mirror of our species to append the context. Call it entanglement. Alas, some remain using a carpenter's square to measure a wave. Perhaps we are naturalists of a nature both in ourselves and in the larger sphere of influence that has become more visible in it's enfolded nature. Our relationship to our environment both local and non local terms seems to be in a process of mutation, with an interactive component.

Leaves of Grass Revisited

Look at a leaf. It links the atmosphere, water, earth, the avian species,fruit eaters,seed consumers, humankind,grasses, lichens, mosses, as well as countless other interdependent forms of differentiation, which is present in it's pattern which then is differentiated by species, according to local conditions, and then we have the branches of tree, a further result of differentiation, a symmetry of the whole. If the holographic nature of one piece being the equal of the whole, then what is a human being? Further, where does this species belong in this system theory of a planet? If the linkage is non local and in a quantum state of being capable of occupying two states at once, then we may be more naturalists in search of a connecting thread between ourselves and our environment rather than being abstracted by form into trying to fit what doesn't fit..another words, a prosaic series of critical assumptions based simply on appearance.

An Ecology of Human Minds

The flux and thermodynamic of the human being in it's aggregate, as well as in it's holographic representation of the individual as being like the differentiation of leaves, has a dynamic as a subsystem with it's interdependence upon the whole.

If we apply and superimpose systems thinking upon the relationship between the environment, evolution, differentiation and the human tribes, perhaps we need to look at the phenomenon of mutation resulting from an overall catastrophic change in the whole planetary system. Science has studied this for some time in relation to the seemingly spontaneous erasure of the dinosaur species. However in terms of causation, we have a comparative basis to determine the difference between a random impact and one that was synthesized from the same ingredients in order to self exterminate the innovator. Could it be that nature has handed the knife by the handle to an incoherent and destructive portion of it's own program? A mutation that places a bias and a force to be reconnoitered, as a portion of a post or pre selective process? Sort of upping the stakes in natural selection, or in this case, self selection. Have we passed an evolutionary point in this demarcation?

Now we compare the natural process of "accident" and uncertainty melded to mutation, evolution and planetary systems. One formulation is a portion of a selection,and reorientation of the whole as in the extinction of the dinosaur superimposed by a new formulation arising from human behavior. The origination of an uncertainty has evolved in terms of the proprietary nature from whence it had arisen.All of nature, as any young university student can tell you, is an information field. Is it living or is it dead?

Nature, Reorientation Postselection and Space\Time

In a recent post I explored T-Symmetry wherein the past, present and the future are present in the moment, which the moment can be considered a continuum. Refer back to the chart on systems theory applied to the human tribe. Now add this to the mix, a vehicle designed with no noteworthy empirical effect other than to change the context of the observer;

"There is a spiritual obligation, there is a task to be done. It is not, however, something as simple as following a set of somebody else's rules. The noetic enterprise is a primary obligation toward being. Our salvation is linked to it. Not everyone has to read alchemical texts or study superconducting biomolecules to make the transition. Most people make it naively by thinking clearly about the present at hand, but we intellectuals are trapped in a world of too much information. Innocence is gone for us. We cannot expect to cross the rainbow bridge through a good act of contrition; that will not be sufficient.
We have to understand. Whitehead said, "Understanding is the apperception of pattern as such"; to fear death is to misunderstand life. Cognitive activity is the defining act of humanness. Language, thought, analysis, art, dance, poetry, mythmaking: these are the things that point the way toward the realm of the eschaton. We humans may be released into a realm of pure self-engineering. The imagination is everything. This was Blake's perception. This is where we came from. This is where we are going. And it is only to be approached through cognitive activity."
-Terence McKenna

Is this a post selective message placed in the human subsystem in order to reorient cognition? A form of feedback from the larger system that is a provocation. Has this larger system always borrowed a humanoid mimic to portray it's presence? Or have we?
Or is it both? How does a mutational reorientation of the portion of the larger system filter through the differentiation of a species? Does organic nature have a non local equivalence as the Gnostics and now science. suspects?

I have recently had a dim bulb light up due to the observations of one man, who paid a high price for his public role as a seeming mad prophet of "something else".

This something else reappeared as a larger portion of a smaller distinction when I revisited his observations.

In Part Two, we will venture further into the larger living system superimposing itself into a transference through the mind as well as the flora and faunta. What is going on if this is all possibly true? A systemic reorientation of counterbalancing an equation? Is this pre or post selection upon species behavior? As above, so below\ so below, as above? Is the mind wherein the twain meets? More importantly, are there recent developments in the exploration by science into the nature of consciousness that have made once again, a demarcation of our species as being outside of systems theory meaning that if the mind of a human being has a non local connection, does this exclude the nature of the nature we are but a part of? I doubt this.

What we are really talking about is perception and the epigensis of nature to create innovated persona's that are mimics of the more comparatively autonomic yet self balancing system, that are a mutual creation that is the hallmark of evolution in both human and non human species? The link between earthbound human events and the larger living system, may superimpose messengers from a language that reorients our terms and resulting terminology.

Is this the nexus of a entangled signal communication in the experiential terms of it's observers? I think it is probably so. Our earliest theology of discerning "sacred" or trans-personal human values to nature was animism. Is this a two way street? Further, if human history is one of repetition wherein new contexts are inserted into the previous molds, we may be experiencing another turn of the wheel from our natural environment of which we are a portion. Take a second look.

"Recognize what is in your sight, and that which is hidden from you will become plain to you . For there is nothing hidden which will not become manifest."
-Gnostic Book of Thomas

The emergence of the relationship between the local and the non local in terms of physics may have been described by Ibn Al Arabi when he said, to paraphrase him, the spiritualized becomes material as the material becomes spritualized, in this, a world of dreams.

You could reasonably step back from all this and observe that this is more a matter of philosophy than a linear, easy to digest narrative with a beginning and a middle and an end. I write this as scientists speculate upon a universe that is apparently accelerating, rather than slowing down. It is easy to project upon extraterrestrials rather than ourselves and our place in the scheme of things. There is no bet on the table. I think increasingly, that's why Ufology has become sort of a medieval iconography that no longer fits the evidence at hand and naturally it becomes less and less relevant to current events, but if we adjust the mirror of our speculations, then perhaps, we have a new window on the mystery, not of Venusians, but of life itself. I see a weave that I was unconsciously threading when I wrote this;

And so it goes, beyond the boxes we assemble where in the reality of realities they may simply be boxes within boxes, but then again this is the singularity of nature in all of it's differentiation.My hope is for peace and for the heart of courage in the human spirit in regard to this. Ever the pragmatic optimist, I sense this is simply the beginning of a new chapter in our relationship with our context, our blue world, a soaring cathedral wrought from light, in of itself, a miracle. Will we repeat the mistakes of the past, or challenge ourselves to seek new directions?

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