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AUGUST 3 - The Economy of Vortex

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Monday, 3 August, 2009

The Economy of Vortex

Every separate object in the universe is, in truth, itself the whole universe presenting a certain front or outward appearance of its movement. The microcosm is one with the macrocosm.
(Aurobindo, Isha Upanishad, analysis, “cosmos”, verses 1-3)

The self, or the mystic, balancing void as the mother of creation is what keeps the balance in all the circular motions in the Universe of all levels: The Galaxy, the planetary systems, rotation of the Suns, the weather patterns, the circling water into a drain, the atoms etc. Viewing the Universe is part of one giant, eternal fractal, the current imploding economy is the total sum of human action as a movement of a vortex of forces (1).

Researching this morning I read up on an old post from 2004 from notorius internet blogger Goro Adachi. At the time this was written (2004) I was still working manufacturing tennis bags in China, making love to Germany and basically had absolutely no clue what was going on.

In this part Goro is drawing attention to the problem of occult power and its solution - find it interesting on the basis of what the "end-solution" is going to look like.

What we are seeing with changing weather patterns, melting ice, ozone layer thinning etc is partly changed by human interaction, but exactly this interaction is also driven as part of a larger scale change in the revolving influences on planet Earth. But how should we understand the evolution towards 2012? Will all problems solve themselves i.e. do they need our "participation"? Should we fear an economic meltdown and civil unrest etc? What about the political system etc?

Now essentially all phenomena in local cosmos, and also the Universe, repeat a pattern of the prior on another scale. Atoms, Molecules, DNA, cell structure, plant formations, weather patterns, solar systems, galaxies etc. It shouldn’t then come as a total surprise, that also “virtual” systems like an economy mold similar systematic features.

Think about the discipline economics separate from the typical notion of science: Understanding human resource utility as a process in consciousness is poorly understood as a paradigm of universal law (full explicit knowledge of physical parameters is impossible). The art of experiencing a pattern in the cosmos is done by observation and parallisation of patterns in different scales, not by modern science in its limitations.

Economy by definition is the utilization of natural resources in the most effective way. Mostly it has been interpreted as a process disconnected from the surrounding cosmos or universe. But any economy is aligning any of its surrounding forces. Like a mirror image, an economy simply is the reflection of the development of the surrounding forces of consciousness and nature in matter.

The financial crisis is by many “traditional” economists, politicians, business crowd and financial journalists interpreted as part of a revolving circular motion of ups and downs. Where as it with high likability follows exactly the motion of a sine wave on a much greater scale or precisely the movement of the vortex: Also visualised by the "S" symbol (or in mythology eg the winding serpent, the Quetzalcoatl of the Mayans). The barred "S" or the symbol for dollars in also in Lacanian theory the symbol for the empty signifyier - the subject that hasn't any substance. This is naturally just another words for ego. We see parallel that both the modern symbol for fiat money $ and the subject (an "S" with a "/" through it) is denoting different aspects of "nothingness". (see also the post Resonation Vortex Synchronism)

The term “vortex” economy is meant to show the process of a full life cycle of an economy of a society - taken as a process integrated in to the cycles of the cosmic forces. Natural patterns are expressions of even greater forces built into to the design of the Universe so to speak.

The birth and destruction of the Universe follows this path, and everything in it must necessarily do so too. On various scales and behaviors.

The unexplainable feeling or emotion that cannot be put into words are often translated into art, but it is also accessible through what seems almost a taboo in cultural criticism, the conception of the society of man as nature: observations on watching natural patterns applied to human life.
The mother of this synchronistic experience is the fractal formation evolving as action unfolds. Universe repeated on the largest scale into the smallest visible to the human eye. The vortex of the twisting whirl stream applied to a spiral galaxy as well as to your bathroom drain. Birth and destruction. This applies to any economy involving natural resources as the primary input. The vortex applied to economy can only be metaphorical in content, but a very potent one. (2)

A good example in popculture is Hitchcock’s famous shot in Psyco: the camera zooms in on the blood of murdered Vera Miles, spiraling into the vortex of a bathtub and then overdubs it into the spiraling eye of her dead body.

This synchronisation of the shit-channel of the sewer with the seeing personification of the divine void, the eye/I of man is the personified modern nightmare when evolution turns into reverse and starts experiencing decay as the primary form of life.

All old “great” civilizations and empires sooner or later “fell” due to famine, sloth, greed, overstreched resources, or simply military fatigue etc. They then often transformed into other forms of trading economies. So why should the current for the first time seriously globally integrated “virtual” economy be different?

Few traditionalists conceptualize that designed in to the foundation of any working economy, is not only the Karl Marx referred “seeds” of its own demise; but a natural progression of larger scale inversions. Hegel exemplified this with the thesis-antithesis-synthesis. A pendular motion where every counter balance receives its opposite force.

There is little awareness in the general public of the actual construction and design of the monetary system currently in place. Not to mention the almost incomprehensible size of the derivative and debt bubble that has followed it.

The global derivative bubble alone of (officially) approximately 70times the size of the BNP of the US (the worlds largest economy) is a danger in its own might and has been called “financial weapons of mass destruction”. Because if one of the greater insurance policies fail, the event spreads to the rest of the community. The bubble follows exactly the physical motions of a vortex as seen in the black hole, summing up all past “human” economies in one interlinked stroke and subtracting it into a new form of dimensional space.

We are facing a gigantic breakdown of literally UNSEEN forces in history.

A new global currency will eventually help little, just push the problems of a mounting energy challenge ahead a few years.

Modern society will probably go down faster than the Titanic - why? Because the suck from the gigantic 1,000 trillion dollar debt bubble are starting to function. It works like a magic clockwork - acceleration upon acceleration.

Approaching the vortex you think you are falling in (crisis, apparent doom), just to be curled of to the side (“rescue operation” injection of an incredible amount of liquidity making things even worse). Now you think you are safe moving sideways, but in fact you are moving in circles around the void. Next you are moving in accelerating circles the other way back towards where you came from (“recovery”). Then even faster towards the void again (next crisis).

The financial academic community think we’re moving in "circles", whereas in fact it's a spiral. Think about Pirates of the Carribean III: The Black Pearl - a fairly good rendering, but the "other sideness" of that vortex as a otherworld is a bit vague.

Though the metaphor probably does not apply, reflect here upon the supernova as a birth of a new interstellar cloud on the night sky: when a star runs out of “fuel” its balance changes and a contraction of tremendous force begins. It becomes finally infinitely dense as the contraction stops and reverses into a violent explosion. This is the natural process of every vortex motion in the Universe when the feed “saturates”, though the outcome of the process is different. In weather patterns like tropical cyclones or twisters for example the solution is a slow halt of the motion and dissolution.

Like a plant a larger scale economy as essentially a natural cycle has a lifespan which is not based on the cosmos as a whole (i.e. “5 bio years”) as anticipated by the modern consumer, more like the lifespan of say half a processional circle (about 12,900 years). Through the processional spin the Earth receives a changing gravitational and electro magnetic impact. For every 12,900 years the Earth passes its solstice point through the dark rift of the galactic center, a supermassive black hole. At this stage either the southern and northern half on Earth will experience winter or summer solstice and vice versa, both with the sun rising in the galactic centre. This point marks the birth and destruction of all patterns in nature.

So why shouldn't the economy be tightly integrated into the 2012 phenomenon?

Present level of knowledge only allows speculation. Gravitational- and electromagnetical- influence has tremendous impact on all lifeforms on Earth.

Following Marko Rodin’s vortex based math, this separation line of the turn in the greatest of the systems, the “3rd dimension” of any duality (think the separating line in the yin and yang symbol) is the point of balance of all systems and dualities (think solstice points of which the Yin/Yang symbol is also constructed see Solstice shadows & Tao for more).

The singularity of the turning point is the very core of which all matter spins and is balanced. But where does this leave our economic meltdown?

So is it inevitable? For this we need to look first at technicalities: The very idea of the value of “money” is intimately tied into the belief in nothing through the fractional banking system, worldwide. The basis of the fractional banking system is the supposedly independent central banks and a Rothchild owned Swiss bank called The Bank of International Settlements controlling most of the world’s intra bank trades and government trades, as well as handling most of the transactions of the gigantic market of CDS (Credit Default Swaps).

This global monetary system paradoxically has all debt equal all money, or in other words, if all debt and money in the world were summed up there would be zero “value” or money left. The analogy is obviously the empty set, but different in the inherent stability of a perfect mathematical system of the empty set.

The monetary system consists of banks that lend of money out to a perpetual interest: a constant need of injecting more money into the system through government bonds or perpetual lending through the reserves of individual banks are needed to make money and investment “grow”.

One cannot earn a dividend on any capital if this capital is not employed by business and if consumers haven’t got capital to buy these services.

Consumption in modern society is growth, growth is an increase in the total share of capital in an economy by the interest paid back to the owners of the capital. Not surprisingly interest was illegal in old ancient societies for the same reasons.(3)

All new private and government money comes at debt to the world’s accumulated banking society – with a calculated interest. This banking society consists of ultimately a very hands actually having power in terms of representational power on boards and their influence on the most important institutions as e.g. The Federal Reserve, BIS etc.

But the really jaw dropping realization here, is the inevitable physical and mathematical inevitability of the outcome of a monetary system based on perpetual interest: in the end an exponential amount of the flowing currency will be owned by the issuing bank. The usual way of dealing with this problem is simply to create more money, creating the inflating that eats common people’s life savings and wages. The amount of printing thus is central to the central bank, or rather that’s what it’s constantly trying to balance.

In the religiously outlawed perpetual debt system with interest on any principal, the proprietary (banks and ultimately the central bank collecting interest) simply collects more and more of the same cake even with a low fixed interest rate.

Any economy is of course symbolic of a finite amount of resources (it could be argued that energy in the Universe is abundant, however at the present moment human economies doesn’t function in this way). As new money is poured into the monetary system resource utility can not catch up with added mean of payment. This inflationary suction effect sooner or later catches up. The system just needs enough time.

What further accelerates the process is the “adding oxygen to the fire” effect: producing derivatives and hedged bets that just shifts any profit making into pure virtual speculation. The only way of avoiding the interest catching up with the debt spiraling out of control is printing more money, but as a nemesis this printing leads inevitably to inflation which just funnels the spiral. A rise in currency issuing will simply give the problem of a spiraling inflation sooner or later. In the end the largest banks will even own most real estate as people are put in foreclosures. This is exactly what we are seeing happening in the last years beginning with the 2008 meltdown in real estate and banking; most available funds are being sucked into the system of perpetual interest, not because people are defaulting on their loans and put into foreclosures, but due failing returns in a “pyramid game” of constant inflows: when no new money is being added to the system, no new wealth transfers upwards can happen. The solution from the governments side has been a disastrous debt making, attempting to prove banks with a new inflow of “fake” money now made in direct debt, more liquidity to a dried out money market.

Another of the ironic government moves to not let the “too-big-to-fail” corporations go bankrupt: This is of course one of the accelerating drivers of an implosion. The rationale is that the economy will go belly up if they aren’t saved – so in order to still hope that the old will survive the corporations are being put on the payrolls essentially of future tax revenues – the multinational is made a public enterprise but with private profits. What adds to the suck effect is not only the vacuum cleaning of profits but keeping the dead bodies of obsolete business models on life support.

The financial sector, have been sucking the world markets dry for available currencies for decades. In the coming period 2010-2012 many perpetual debt insurances are coming to roast through the insurance schemes that made the industry literally billions in it’s hey days in the last 15 years. When one insurance then is unpaid a range of others become impossible (the financial “weapons of mass destruction”). This is what happened when Lemand Bro. in 2008 almost brought the entire world economy to a standstill with its bankruptcy. Not to forget the housing market which will worldwide suffer from unpaid mortgages and thus provoke a new row of financial bailouts for the world largest banks.

At the end of the road a roaring inflation is almost inevitable as commodities goes sky high and few people can use their income for anything. For now due to deflationary pressures (theres no liquidity out there, the inflationary move hasn't yet manifested).

The paradoxical belief in a virtual monetary system is the only way for an individual to accept to participate in a system that deals with symbolic paper as “payment” for real life goods and supplies. But with the virtualization of the monetary system comes inevitably an overlooked virtualization of the resources behind the currency, a commoditization of nature. With a virtual economy of symbolic money man looses connection to the cosmos, and the self identification with essentially God. The resources that are symbolized by the paper is interpreted through the virtual power of legal tender notes noted as almost inevitably - nothing.

The translation of matter into nothingness, the process of making two dimensional worthless graphic paper signify the Universe, is in effect the zero of the system of nothingness tying everything together in the modern world of man. Economic growth in this world is literally a symbol of how fast the world is turned into garbage (i.e. cosmic shit).

Accumulating a seeming nothingness of superficial appearances and emptiness is God's way of creating a new divine manifestation of a oneness of cosmic consciousness through opposite actions of attraction and oppulsion.

The implosion of the global economy right now is the inevitable answer to a society run on the illusion of nothing as the originator of the world. Synchronised with every other event on Earth towards 2012 we are accelerating into a stream of destruction, like a blaze crosses a farm field, to leave the new Earth prepared for a refreshened consciousness in man, the reborn soul, pure and connected in oneness to truth and reality.

So should we be happy that the chicken is coming home to roost. Yes we can - it is sort of the pleasure watching the divine show that God puls, and how incredibly amusing this stuff is done: The ignorant elites captivated by their titanic ego's are with their plans for a final world order and domination stearing the ship straight for the bottom.

And is there something in this society to save? Not really if you ask me. Maybe diversity of female beauty - but I'm pretty sure that God has a plan for that too...

1. Consider the following example illustrating the phenomena on a smaller scale: A plausible theory of rotational gravitational spin impact suggests that gravitational impact or corolis forces from the two greater planets in the solar system are in fact responsible for the solar spots with the 9-11 year cycles. These eventually fit into the 5:2 pattern of the two gas giants’ relational spin around the sun: every 60th year a new cycle begins. The orbit time of Saturn is aprox 30 years giving 2 rounds to fulfill a full cycle of the two planets. So as we have it planetary phenomena controls changes the evolution of the sun, which again changes the evolution of the Earth through radiation, climate and hence natural resources like plant growth, availability of water, migration patterns and natural disasters like tropical cyclones, tectonic movement and ocean warming. Another example is the gravitational impact of the moon. Full moon tides or at solar occultations. As it looks the motions of water on the surface of the Earth is actually the reason of the conditions of life – if water stands still, so does life.

2. Attempting the application of fractals and vortexes analogies to society is a bit like experiencing the divine artist portrayed in Milos Forman’s Amadeus: Mozart is not the most God-fearing nor chast believer, on the contrary he is a bit renegade and out of order and place. There is this certain vulgarity to applying cosmology to societal phenomena. The same counts for the successful experience of reality – it has little with intellectualism to do. Pseudo philosophy or todays cultural critics might sound clever, but mostly they are covering the infamous dropping distance between Achilles and the Turtle (overlooking that in fact he overtook it a long while ago). Perhaps, when thinking about the stale status quo of philosophy in the past, it is fitting that true revolution is neither mainstream or the most obscure underground: It lies on the border if there was one
3. Speaking of ancient trade: money or transactional means existed as “real” money. That to say they were often silver or gold coins, diamonds or precious stones, as a way of going around the problem of barter. Limited and concentrated raw materials are good as exchange means as they are pretty easy to carry around and “durable” compared to a sack of flour or let’s say a goat. In the 16th and 17th century something happened – the “world trade” (mainly through European royals trying to expand their economic powers abroad) slowly grew so large that gold and silver were beginning to be scarce as a means of payment as deflation occurred when people held on to their gold in stead of applying it into the economy. Throughout the end of the 18th century the solution was simply to put out new government or privately guaranteed “certificates” of trust, papers that were deemed good in gold. With these proofs people could barter more easily and governments could print more checks if they needed to increase the amount of “liquidity” in a society. However the problem soon became that there was immense interest by the financial elite at the time that wouldn’t just allow these “independent” economies to build up outside their interest sphere. Any new economy that were constructed on “fake” money outside their financial empires built on blood, sweat and tears would take away “invisible” capital from these empires. Any new systems of money printing could simply be systematically and arbitrarily leveraged with newly issued money, for the same gold. This increased amount of money would produce inflation (and a loss of real-value of any goods). Hence it would simply be natural strategies for money barons controlling the trades of nations in the latter 18th century, to protect their economic interest. The result was “legal tender notes” issued by what we today know as “independent” central banks: No governments in the world today apart from the communist countries issue their own money. And what’s more: These notes cannot simply be “refused” like the old promissory notes redeemable in gold.

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