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AUGUST 7 - The connection of 3 formations symbolize the end of the week!

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Windmill Hill, Nr Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire. Reported 6th August

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The connection of 3 formations symbolize the end of the week!!!

This formation and the formation of Hackpen Hill have been created in the same night at a relative short distance to each other and are connected with each other. These formations are an amazing example how just a few simple circles in connection with its environment contain an enormous amount of information. This is even more true when we put this in the history of the way this formation has been created after the farmer cut out an earlier formation 3 days before. One might have the temptation to judge this kind of actions of the farmer, however this event is an amazing example how “the evil” is serving the good.

The formation has a six-fold symmetry with a central circle, but actually consists of 7 large circles. The formation clearly expresses the principle of 6 + 1 = 7. When we consider this formation in connection with the formation of Hackpen Hill, then an amazing amount of information pops up:

With the help of Google Earth I first made a good estimation of the distance of the Hackpen Hill formation to the white horse. This resulted in a value of 350 meter (max. error: 2 m). Based upon the distance of 24 meters between the tramlines, I could also “measure” the diameters of the circles. The large circle turns out to be exactly 100 meter. So the 350 meter distance equals 7 times the radius of 50 meter of the large circle of the formation. For the ratios of diameters of the circles of this formation, the following values apply:

Ratio diameter large circle to central circle (20 m): 5 to 1

Ratio diameter central circle to remaining 4 circles (15 m): 4 to 3

350 meter correspond with about 383 yard, but as we also find a 3 to 4 ratio for the numbers 288 and 384 and as 288 = 12 x 24 is a code for light, this gives rise to the idea to “round” the distance of the formation to the white horse to 384 yards which equals 1152 feet or 13824 (24 x 24 x 24 !) inch.

I also calculated the position of sunset ( ) and found out that on the 31st July the azimuth of sunset on 51.47° latitude precisely equals 60° West of the North. The circles of the Hackpen Hill-formation have exactly been aligned with the tram lines. However Google Earth reveals that the field has been orientated exactly 30° East of the North, which means that this formation is exactly aligned with sunset! I also found out that the Winterbourne Bassett formation is orientated to the white horse on the one hand and to moonset on the day of the formation on the other hand. Actually there is a small error of 2 degrees. However the formation has exactly been aligned with the other destroyed formation in the direction of moonset! This is also very remarkable as on the 31st July, the moon set exactly 00:00 midnight BST for the given location! The following image gives additional information of the orientation of the formations and the relationships with the white horse, sunset and moonset:

Along with the original formation on the 28th July, a tiny tuft in a circle was created at the edge of the field (winterbourne2009 ). As far as I could find out the exact location of this tuft, this seems to mark the North regarding the new formation (if there is any deviation, this is small)! When looking at the 6-fold design of the Winterbourne Bassett formation, it’s very notable that when the formation is rotated 15°, the formation not only has been directed northwards, but also to sunset of that day:

Although the formation has been orientated towards the white horse and moonset, the formation could also be thought of as orientated towards sunset. It turns out that in that case the formation would also be orientated to moonset on the 28th July: the day on which the original destroyed formation arose!

However important also seems to be the white horse and it turns out that from the viewpoint of the 6-fold formation, the orientation of sunset exactly differs 135° from the orientation of the white horse. This might be considered as coincidence, but in this respect we are lucky that we have a second “destroyed” formation, for which we can put the orientation to the test. During the period of 3 days between the 2 formations, sunset shifted with a subtle 1.5 degrees to the West. However also the formation has a 1.5 degrees different orientation referring the white horse, which means that also this formation is characterized by an angle of exact 135° between sunset and the white horse! The same is even true for the Hackpen Hill-formation in connection with the line that connects the white horse with the 6-fold-formation.

This may have an important meaning as the white horse is often associated with the end of time. When this relationship exists than both formations reveal something that comes to an end. One reasons for this is that moonset and sunset clearly have a relationship with an end. Furthermore an angle of 45, 90 or 135 degrees has a relationship with the cross and this also symbolizes an end.

When I saw the 6 + 1 concept of the formation, the first that came up in my mind is the end of the week! This refers to the traditional 6 days of work, followed by 1 day of rest. Although we mostly don’t realize it, cultures have a strong connection with the calendar system they use. The characteristics of the divine creation that’s behind every calendar is one to one connected with the culture that uses this calendar. Although there are still many different calendars in use throughout the world, in many cultures there calendar has been “mixed up” by the week and if there is something that we can’t think of that this will disappear, than it’s the week! However, we enter in a totally new age with a totally different concept of living. This inevitably goes along with changes in our calendars and even the week will come to an end. I realize this is an extraordinary “claim” and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Intelligences behind the crop circle formation realize this and this is why there is an extremely lot of information hidden behind these few simple circles.

First of all, I want to explain something about the significance of the week in present-day cultures. In ancient times the week was connected with the 7 known celestial bodies: the sun, the moon and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Saturn traditionally is the most remote planet and is the planet of karma and restrictions and as far as the week is concerned daily life gets into a rut. Apart from that the week seems to be unrelated to anything in natural order. Sometimes is said that the week represents the period from a lunar phase (for example new moon) to the next lunar phase (f.e. First Quarter). However the duration of this cycle varies from 6.5 to 8.25 days. A period of 8.25 days doesn’t fit in the week at all. However the week has another relationship with the natural order, namely the so called black moon. The black moon is the imaginary point in the zodiac where the moon is most remote from the Earth. The point opposite to that is called “Priapus” and is the imaginary point where the moon is most nearby. However these points move through the zodiac. Meanwhile the moon passes in 27.322 days through the zodiac, the cycle between two moments that the moon is at its most remote (or most nearby) position lasts 27.5545 days. So the cycle of the position of the moon relative to the black moon (or Priapus) equals 27.5545 days and is called the anomalistic month. This cycle almost precisely equals 4 weeks. This is illuminating as the principle of 1 anomalistic month equals 4 weeks has been expressed by the Hackpen Hill-formation! Actually there is a deviation, but it turns out that this cycle is part of a 62 times longer cycle, which fits much better:

62 x 4 weeks = 1736 days

63 x 27.5545 = 1735.94 days

This equals about 4.75 year, which means that 4 times this cycle equals 19 years, corresponding with 4 x 63 = 7 x 6 x 6 anomalistic months. This is interesting, while the 7 and double 6 are the basic characteristics of the 6-fold-formation!

There also exists a cycle referring the sun relative to the black moon. This is a cycle of 411.8 days, but can be rounded to 59 weeks or 413 days. This period of 413 days also precisely equals 14 lunar months. This cycle is also called the “full moon cycle”, because the size of the full moon is the same as of 14 lunar months ago. Although this cycle has a clear relationship with the cycle of the lunar phases, the cycle of 4 weeks hasn’t. The black moon is a channel of cosmic consciousness. However as the cycle of 4 weeks has no relationship with the lunar month, this means that the qualities of the black moon aren’t reflected in the society and this channel closes and daily life gets into a weekly returning rut. How this will change in new age is the subject of another formation, namely the one of the second August morganshill . An explanation will follow.

This clarifies that the week is not an artificial construct and there certainly is a divine creation behind it. If this is true than this cycle can and will come to an end in new age and even the date that this will occur is known in the hierarchy of the divine creation. The day that the week will come to and is the same day as the Gregorian calendar comes to an end. The end of the Gregorian calendar will be on the 16th February 2013 and has already been discussed in connection with 2 other formations (Smeathe and Ogbourne ). It’s interesting to search for additional evidence in this formation.

First of all it must be stressed that in this respect we got a lot of help by the farmer, because what is a better symbolic death then the destruction of a formation!! It’s also very notable that the new formation, that arose 3 days later has exactly the same size as the remaining circle of the original formation. This tells us: ones will happen the same with the week (that’s behind this formation) as what happened with the original formation.

As already pointed out the formations have a clear relationship with sunset as well as moonset. So if the “claim” that the week will end on the 16th February 2013 is true, then it makes sense to believe that we can also find sunset and moonset of this date in the formations. This indeed turns out to be true: the moon sets in the night from the 16th to the 17th February (01:00 AM) in precisely the same direction as sunset on the 31st July. As the Hackpen Hill formation has directly and the 6-fold-formation has indirectly been orientated towards sunset on the 31st July these formations have also been directed towards moonset on the end-date of the week. Furthermore it turns out that the 6-fold-formation is exactly aligned with sunset on the end-date from the viewpoint of Hackpen Hill (see red line of image above)!! This also explains why both formations aren’t on one line regarding the white horse.

Moreover it’s interesting to note that during the night of 16-17 February 2013, in Egypt (the 0-meridian in new age) the moon sets only 20 minutes before midnight. More to the West in the West of Meso-America, the moon sets precisely at midnight. This has a very remarkable correspondence with the moonset at midnight on the day of the formation!!

The following subject of interest is the white horse. The year 2013 has the numbers 2 and 13 or 2 x 13 = 26. It turns out that something very remarkable happens when we count 26 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 days back from the date of the formation. When we carry out this exercise, we arrive on the 31st August 1838. This is rather amazing as this turns out to be the year that according to a source the white horse may have been created ( )! This would have been done to commemorate the coronation of Queen Victoria. This has been 171 = 9 x 19 years ago and as the week has a relationship with a cycle of about 19 years (248 weeks), this is rather remarkable. This gives rise to the idea to find out what happens when we count back 9 x 248 weeks. In this case we arrive on the 22nd June 1838, just 6 days before the coronation of the Queen on the 28th June 1838!! So on the 6th August 2009, this has been exactly 19 x 248 weeks ago. Now we discover a cosmic joke by subtracting the day-numbers and month-numbers of the 22nd June 1838 and the 6th August 2009 (ignoring minus-signs). This results in:

Day-number: 22 – 6 = 16

Month-number: 8 – 6 = 2

Day and month exactly coincide with the day- and month-number of the end-date of the week! A similar joke applies when we relate the end-date of the week with the beginning-date of the Gregorian calendar, namely the 15th October 1582. When we add day-, month-, and year-number of this date and the 16 February 2013, we get:

Day-number: 15 + 16 = 31

Month-number: 10 + 2 = 12

Year-number: 1582 + 2013 = 3595

This is 31/12 or the “end-date” of a fictive year 3595. However it turns out that this year can be “derived” from the year 1838 and the end-date of the week (16/2/2013) in a very simple way, because:

1838 + 2013 – 16 x 2 x 16 / 2 = 3595

It turns out that the 9 x 19 years also roughly equal 240 so called Tzolkin-cycles (periods of 260 days). There turns out to exist a remarkable relationship if we connect this with the day-number (31) of the formation, the year 2013 and the fact that the formation arose 3 days after an earlier destroyed formation, because:

240 x 260 + 3 = 62403 days

31 x 2013 = 62403 days

Two exactly equal numbers arise!!

Also the distances and ratios of the Hackpen-Hill-formation tell us something. The numerological value of 16/2/2013 = 1 + 6 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 3 = 15, with 1 + 5 = 6. When we multiply this with the day-number, the month-number and the numerological value of the year-number of the end-date, we get:

6 x (16 x 2 x (2 + 0 + 1 + 3)) = 6 x 16 x 2 x 6 = 1152

This is the “rounded” distance in feet from the Hackpen-Hill-formation to the white horse. In meters the radius of the large circle equals 50 meter, while the distance to the white horse equals 7 x 50 = 350 meter. The numerological value of the day- plus month-number as well as of the year-number of the date of the formation equals 11. When we combine the 50 with the double 11 and the 3 days difference between this formation and the destroyed formation, we can obtain:

3 x (50 + 11) x 11 = 2013

Even the coordinates of the white horse have a meaning. When we divide both coordinates (see image) we get 51.47245 / 1.81753 = 28.3200002 or exact 28.32! This is a decimal fraction of 2832 = 48 x 59. The number 59 refers to the number of weeks of the full-moon-cycle, while the number 28 can be considered as the cycle of 4 weeks (28 days). This also perfectly links up with the height of 784 = 28 x 28 feet of the white horse. The question that remains is to what the number 32 behind the point refers? This number is again the multiplication of day- and month-number of the end-date. But apart from that it’s 4 x 8 and, as the formation of the second August reveals, the number 8 is the number of days of the week in new age.

One important issue still has to be explained, namely the connection between the date of the formation and the end-date of the 13th February 2013. In this respect also the distance of about 2000 meter between the white horse and the both formations at Winterbourne Bassett is helpful. 2000 meter turns out to equal 9 x 9 x 9 x 9 feet (= 1999.8 meter). For the distance from the white horse to the nearby formation we found 24 x 48 feet. When we multiply both numbers we get:

9 x 9 x 9 x 9 x 24 x 48 = 9 x 18 x 36 x 36 x 36

It turns out that the period from the day of the formations (31st July) until the 16th February 2013 exactly equals 36 x 36 = 1296 days! This turns out to be 185 = 5 x 37 weeks + 1 day. In this respect the principle of the Hackpen Hill formation can also be explained as 4 + 1. This also fits with the 1 to 5 ratio of the diameter of the large circle to the central circle. So we have (4 + 1) x 37 weeks. What happens when we add 4 x 37 weeks to the day of the formation? Then we come out on Friday, the 1st June 2012, which is the true end-date of the Maya-calendar (see )!!!

This period is also a multiple of 4 weeks, but doesn’t equal a hole number of anomalistic months. However we can also find out what numbers of anomalistic months fit with a hole number of weeks. This gives the following results:

1 cycle = 27.5545 /7 = 3.936 weeks (deviation 0.064 weeks)

16 cycles = 16 x 27.5545 /7 = 62.982 weeks (deviation 0.018 weeks)

31 cycles = 31 x 27.5545 /7 = 122.027 weeks (deviation 0.027 weeks)

47 cycles = 47 x 27.5545 /7 = 185.009 weeks (deviation 0.009 weeks)

The last number is exactly the period between the day of the formations (31st July) and the end-date of the week!! Note that the 16th February is the 47th day of the year and links up with the 47 cycles.

But what about the original formation on the 28th July 2009? The period from this day until the end-date of the week equals 1299 days. It turns out that this precisely equals 44 lunar months. This suggests a connection with the lunar month. However the period doesn’t correspond with a hole number of weeks and both dates are characterized by a First Quarter moon, which means that the position of the sun and the moon form a cross. This is an important characteristic of the end-date of not only the week but also of the Gregorian calendar. The period of 1299 days equals 1299 / 27.55455 = 47.14285 anomalistic months. However when we multiply this with 7 (which equals a period of 1299 = 3 x (12 x 36 + 1) weeks) the result is: 329.99995 or exact 330 anomalistic months!!

We still could wonder why the angle between the 6-fold formation and the white horse equals 135° instead of 90°. We find a multiple of 45°, a semi-square. This can be explained in two ways. In the first place we can compare the position of the sun at the very start of the year 2013 with the end-date of the week. This results in a value of 46.75°, which however can be rounded to 45°: the positions of the sun on both dates form a semi-square. Second: the position of the moon relative to the black moon on the day of the formation as well as the end-date of the week is around 135° (depending on the time) in accordance with the formation.

Marc Smulders

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