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Two sets of 25 binary numbers from Silbury Hill on July 5, 2009 can be read in base-32, to give near future dates of September 6, 2009 or November 17, 2009 in a Mayan Sun-Venus calendar

A new Mayan-type crop picture which appeared near Silbury Hill on July 5, 2009 has stimulated great interest worldwide. One English newspaper suggested that it might be intended to warn us of a “Mayan apocalypse” in the year 2012 (see Mayan-apocalypse-crop-circle-appears-at-Silbury-Hill). Other researchers have attempted to interpret its codes in terms of Mayan counting systems, where bars equal “5” and dots equal “1” (see silburyhill or article).

Our approach has been to study this new crop picture in terms of other related crop pictures that have appeared over the years, and are well understood. Using those crop pictures from the past as guides, we will attempt here to correctly interpret the new one.

Two crop pictures from early July of 2009 seem to predict a “long teardrop” shape in our near future

Two crop pictures which appeared at West Down Gallops on July 4, or Silbury Hill on July 5, 2009, seem to predict that a “long teardrop” shape will soon “fly like a swallow” through Earth’s skies:

What are those long teardrop shapes meant to represent? One possibility might be a bright comet with a long tail. Another possibility might be coronal mass ejections from our Sun, often symbolized by “teardrops” in the scientific literature.

One of those two crop pictures (above left) showed a series of Mayan symbols for 2 x 29 days, or two lunar months, until the “teardrop” may arrive. The other (above right) showed a series of lines and dots, which might represent some kind of binary code to tell the date.

Silbury of July 5, 2009 resembles Wayland’s Smithy of August 9, 2005, which predicted Comet Holmes in 2007

How can we ever hope to understand such intricate and enigmatic messages? Well, Silbury of July 5, 2009 also resembles Wayland’s Smithy of August 9, 2005, which predicted a spectacular and unexpected outburst by Comet Holmes in 2007, by means of a binary code:

A good clue perhaps toward solving the new one?

How did Wayland’s Smithy of 2005 predict Comet Holmes in 2007?

How did Wayland’s Smithy of 2005 predict the outburst of Comet Holmes in 2007? First, it showed a whole series of binary numbers as either bars (1) or spaces (0). Those were quickly decoded to arrive at two series of numbers in base-16 as 13-10-7 or 14-5-11. If those numbers represent “dates”, then what kind of calendar should we read them in?

Looking again at the same crop picture (above left), one can see twenty Mayan symbols for “time” along its outer perimeter. Those symbols tell us to use a Mayan calendar with 20 days per month. The most likely choice would be a Mayan Calendar Round (or Sun-Venus calendar), which lasts for approximately 52 years or 18,980 days.

Our current Sun-Venus calendar began on April 10, 1961 and will end on March 28, 2013 (see time2007c). By converting each series of base-16 numbers into a decimal fraction, then multiplying by 18,980, one can calculate how many days have passed since that Sun-Venus calendar began on April 10, 1961. By that method, 13-10-7 gives a date in our modern calendar of August 9, 2005, which was when the Wayland’s Smithy crop picture appeared.

The other series 14-5-11 gives a date of November 20, 2007, which was when a newly exploded Comet Holmes joined closely in Earth’s sky to a bright star called Mirfak in the constellation Perseus. When studied in retrospect, many crop pictures from 2005 predicted Comet Holmes, but in a visual rather than mathematical fashion (see time2007g or time2007h).

Another binary code was shown at Crabwood in 2002

Another binary code was shown in crops at Crabwood on August 15, 2002. Most of the Crabwood code consisted of an English text message in ASCII. Yet certain patterns of “false capitalization” in its primary message also gave us another 25 numbers in binary (see time2007n).

When those 25 extra binary numbers were arranged into groups of five, they could be read in base-32 as 30-25-14-27-26. After converting into a decimal fraction, and multiplying by 18,980 days (the length of a Mayan Calendar Round), they told us that “50 years had passed” since unfriendly grey aliens flew over Washington DC in July of 1952 (see time2007o).

So our current situation is not as dire as one might imagine! Silbury of 2009 is the third in a series of binary codes that have been shown in English crop pictures over the years. We now understand their two previous codes pretty well, since the events which they predicted have already happened. What might this third binary code be trying to tell us?

Each side of the Silbury crop picture contains 25 binary numbers

To get started, we may simply count the total number of lines (1) or dots (0) on each side of the Silbury crop picture. By careful inspection, one can count 15 lines on its left-hand side, or 16 lines on its right. Likewise, one can count 10 dots on its left-hand side, or 9 dots on its right:

Each side of the new crop picture therefore contains 25 binary numbers, as the sum of 15 and 10, or 16 and 9. That is a very useful result, since any binary code that contains a total of 25 numbers may be read in base-32, once we arrange those 25 binary numbers into five equal parts of 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20, or 21-25.

There were likewise 25 extra binary numbers shown at Crabwood in 2002, which could be read by grouping them into five parts, then converting into base-32.

Reading all 25 binary numbers on left or right

Now we need to read all 25 binary numbers on each side of the new crop picture, with as much precision and care as possible. The general process by which we will do this is shown below:

Reading on the left along layer line one, we can see “1-1-space-space-space-space-1”. Then on layer line two, we can see “0-1-1-space-space-1-space”.

Reading on the right along layer line one, we can see “1-1-space-space-space-space-1”. Then on layer line two, we can see “0-1-1-1-space-1-space”.

Continuing that process for the entire left-hand side, and removing all spaces, we can find a series of 25 binary numbers as:

111 0111 00111 1010 011 011 00 0

On the right, we can find a different set of 25 binary numbers as:

111 01111 0111 0110 011 011 00 0.

Arranging into groups of five, then reading in base-32

Our next task will be to convert each set of 25 binary numbers into some kind of mathematically significant format. Clearly we cannot read them in base-16, since 25 is not a multiple of four! Nor can we read them in base-8, since 25 is not a multiple of three. For base-64, we would need a multiple of six, or for base-128, a multiple of seven.

Our only real choice is to arrange them into groups of five, and read them in base-32. Indeed, that is what a long outer arc filled with Mayan symbols in the lower part of that crop picture seems to be telling us:

Arranging 25 binary numbers from the left into groups of five, we find:

11101 11001 11101 00110 11000.

Arranging 25 binary numbers from the right into groups of five, we find:

11101 11101 11011 00110 11000.

Translating into base-32, we find for the left:


or for the right:


Calculating dates in a Mayan Sun-Venus calendar

Now we have two series of numbers in base-32, but what do they mean in terms of a Mayan calendar? Let us first consider the date on which that Silbury crop picture appeared, or July 5, 2009. It lies 17,618 days past the start of our current Sun-Venus calendar on April 10, 1961. Dividing by 18,980, we get a fraction of 0.928240. Translating into base-32, we find:

0.928240 = 29 / 32 + 22 / (32 x 32) + 17 / (32 x 32 x 32) = 29-22-17.

Both of series of numbers in base-32 from Silbury as 29-25-29 or 29-29-27 lie close in time to the series just calculated, but are slightly larger (or further into the future). Translating into a decimal fraction, then multiplying by 18,980, we find for the left:

29 / 32 + 25 / (32 x 32) + 29 / (32 x 32 x 32) = 0.93155 =

17,681 days past April 10, 1961 = September 6, 2009

or for the right:

29 / 32 + 29 / (32 x 32) + 27 / (32 x 32 x 32) = 0.93539 =

17,753 days past April 10, 1961 = November 17, 2009.

Finally we have reached some kind of useful result! Those two dates of September 6 or November 17, 2009 may mark important astronomical events in our near future. Other images in the Silbury crop picture suggest that we will see one or more “long teardrops” in Earth’s skies, on one or both of those days.

Could they be telling us about a bright comet with a long tail? Or coronal mass ejections from our Sun? Or something else that we cannot yet foresee?

Two other crop pictures gave us instructions on how to read the Silbury code

A crop picture in Germany on July 12, 2009 showed two long, connected spirals with six turns each (see Barterode or It may have been telling us to read the Silbury code “like a spiral”, from inside to outside, and over six layers or turns as we did above.

Another crop picture in Switzerland on July 12, 2009 showed a long piece of “magnetic tape”, with four series of binary stripes drawn along it at regular intervals (see switzerland or Horhausen2009):

It may have been telling us to read the Silbury code “in groups of five” as we did above.

Two other crop pictures support a date of September 6, 2009

A crop picture at Peaks Down on May 9, 2009 showed a “teardrop” in close proximity to their symbol for the full Moon of September 4, 2009, which lies two lunar months after an apogee full Moon of July 7, 2009:

Another crop picture at West Down Gallops on July 4, 2008 showed the same “long teardrop” shape as drawn at Silbury, next to Mayan symbols for “two lunar months”. Those Mayan symbols suggest a two-month interval between July 4 when the crop picture appeared, and early September of 2009.

The CMM Research Group

PS We would like to thank John Montgomery, Lucy Pringle, Jack Roderick, Beni Sidler and Jack Turner for some of the field images used here.

An impressing peacock with Mayan elements and bewildering discoveries

As already has been noticed this formation has many Mayan elements. Like the formation that depicts the break-through of light, the day before, it contains the element of the creator and the formation has also elements of Quetzalcoatl, the feather-serpent.

These elements of the creator have also been found in the famous Mayan formation of the 2nd August 2004 silburyhill2 . For reasons that go beyond the scope of this article the true end date of present age is the 1st June 2012 (and not the 21st December as generally is assumed), starting new age next day (see ). As could be expected this formation has been connected with the true starting date of new age on the 2nd of June 2012 by the famous galactic calendar of the Maya, the Tzolkin: the period in between exactly equals 11 Tzolkin-cycles (11 x 260 days)! Both formations have also a connection with each other. I come later back to that.

However 3 “stacked” marking-plates have been found in this formation, which are used by hoaxers and this gave rise to the idea this formation was a hoax. However the formation is a marvelous design, really complex and not following the cart-ruts (hoaxers mostly do). So what is going on here?? The solution is found when the 3 marking-plates are put apart, which at that time has be done by Andreas Muller (or anyhow wrote about it):

When we include the marking lines, indicating 1, we find the date 14/6/’12, which is the 13th day of new age and the date of the recreation of the world!!! It’s interesting to note that Andreas Muller got the right inspiration: also the order is correct, reading from top to bottom and left to right, although it also can be read in American notation (6/14/’12), when the numbers are simply read from left to right. Only the number 16 has been reduced to 6, as 16 isn’t a month-number. Note however that the numerological value (sum of ciphers of 14/6/2012) equals 16. Note also that this date is about 8 Tun (8 x 360 days) after this formation (deviation: 7 days) and in this formation everything was in 8-fold.

For people who still think this is just coincidence and/or a “self-serving” explanation, I have a surprise: it turns out there is a second relationship. When we consider the fact that the numbers were 2, 4 and 6, with 2 on top and 6 very probably on the bottom (it stayed at the original place in the photo right), we find:

This is the true starting date (2nd June 2012) of new age! I guess that the crop circle makers have “stolen” the marking-plates from real hoaxers, to make their own humoristic “hoax”!!!

From there it’s very likely that this new formation also has a relationship with the recreation of the world and although this formation has elements of the feather-serpent, in my opinion this formation more looks like a peacock (include image and/or link to imponierend ):

This is fully in line with a lot of earlier formations this year that depicted a kind of animal. In this respect it’s important to note that most of these formations show a relationship with Venus and that also Quetzalcoatl, the feather-serpent, is connected with Venus. Like the formation of the Humming-bird, the formation includes dots. The number of dots (eyes) in the feathers of the Peacock equals 19. Although, regarding Venus, the date of this formation has no direct relationship with 14/6/2012, the dots may give us the hint regarding the relationship with Venus. For that we multiply the period between the date of the formation and the date of the recreation of the world with 19. This should equal a whole number of (synodic) cycles of Venus (one cycle = 583.92 days; the cycle as observed from the earth relative to the sun). This trick we already know from the humming-bird (see milkhill6 ). However there is little problem regarding determining this period: do we have to include the time (17:36 UCT) on which the recreation of the world starts? For this we have 3 possible ways of dealing with this problem:

1 Simply count the number of days in between, which is 1075 days and ignore the time.

2 The same, however starting at 5/7/2009 00:00 UCT (the assumed date / time of creation of the formation) and ending at 14/6/2012, 17:36 UCT which is 1075.73 days

3 Calculate the period from the very beginning of 5/7/2009 until the very end of 14/6/2012, which equals 1076 days.

Actually the second way may be most likely and when we apply this with the number 19, we find:

19 x 1075.73 = 20439 days

When we divide this by the synodic cycle of Venus we obtain:

20439 / 583.92 = 35.003

This indeed equals a whole number! Apart from that, when the leap days are abolished, we find:

20439 / 365 = 55.997

The period also corresponds with a whole number of years (56)! Note that in former times the solar year of the Maya as well as the Egyptians lacked leap days and the close relationship with Venus is one of the mayor reasons (8 years = 5 Venus-cycles)! I’m convinced in new age a calendar without leap days will be reintroduced to restore harmony!

However, although the results are already mind-blowing, we haven’t finished yet as there are also a lot of “bars” in the feathers of the formation. When we consider the fact that this formation is “Mayan”, the dots and bars refer to the way of writing the Mayan numbers: a dot equals 1, a bar equals 5. The Mayan numbers 1 to 20 are written as follows:

When we leave out the bars that are clearly separate from the main number(s) of each segment, the following numbers remain (yellow):

Apart from that there is a left over of 6 single bars and 2 single dots (depicted in orange). The number that is found most is the number 6, namely 11 times. When we apply the same trick for the number 6 as for the number 19, we find:

1075 x 6 / 583.92 = 11.046

So the result almost precisely equals the number of times that the number 6 is present in the formation! When we take 1075.73 days as the starting-point, we get a number (11.056) with a deviation that is slightly larger than 5 % (5.6 % with respect to a whole number), but the conclusion still holds. In the formation we also find 4 times the number 11. When we consider this as 4 x 11 = 44, we obtain:

1075 x 44 / 583.92 = 81.004

We find an almost perfect result, which moreover also equals an Mayan number (81 = 9 x 9)! Also here we find a deviation that is slightly larger than 5 %, when we take 1075.73 days instead of 1075. There still remains the number 2 x 16 = 32. At the same time this equals the sum of the remaining orange ciphers: 6 x 5 + 2 = 32. This turns out to fit best with 1076 days:

1076 x 32 / 583.92 = 58.967

but the error is still less than 5 % when 1075.73 days is taken as starting-point.

Apart from this way of calculating, I also found there is another way that fits: for this every dot is considered to belong to only one bar, resulting in the ciphers 6. All the other bars refer to a single number 5:

This leads to 17 times the number 6 and 14 times the number 5 (2 single dots are left over). This leads to the numbers 17 x 6 = 102 and 14 x 5 = 70. These numbers turn out only to work out when calculating with 1076 or 1075.73 days (error less than 10 %). All these calculations (with optimum results) have been summarized in the following table:

A special case has been added concerning the number 17 x 6: the number of the 2 remaining dots has been added, while also 2 has been added to the number of 1076 days. This leads to an extreme accurate result: 104 = 8 x 13 times 1078 days exactly equal 8 x 24 = 192 cycles.

In this table an attempt has been made to calculate the chance that all this is just coincidence. In the last column this chance has been calculated for every single calculation. The random error is 25 % in the average. This means for example that an error of 5 % is 5 times smaller than the random error and this has been displayed in the last column. The end result is the multiplication of all these numbers, leading to an estimated chance of 1 to 30,000,000!!! One could argue that the calculation isn’t 100 percent objective, as I calculated with the period that fulfilled the requirements optimum, but on the other hand I still didn’t take in consideration other facts, like the fact that the 35 Venus-cycles “coincidently” correspond with a whole number of years. Also the special case of 104 has been left out of consideration! The final conclusion is: the chance this is just coincidence is fully negligible anyhow!

Note moreover that the last way of dealing with the numbers also contains the date 14/6/2012, because:

1 The month-number 6 is dominating

2 The day-number 14 equals the number of remaining bars

3 The year-number is derived from the total number by multiplying this with the Mayan numbers 9 and 13 and divides this by 10: ((17 x 6) + (14 x 5)) x 9 x 13 / 10 = 2012.4

Note that the number 9 x 13 = 117 is a very special number that for example also has been related with Venus: 5 x 9 x 13 = 585 days, only 1 day more than the actual synodic cycle of Venus. This quasi 585-days-cycle of Venus is very important as 4 times this cycle equals 9 Tzolkin-cycles (4 x 585 = 9 x 260).

There still remains one question that has to be solved: the formation also contains 8 small feathers left and 9 small feathers right (white ciphers of image). What do they tell us? This turns out to bring about a connection with the formation of the 2nd august 2004 and also in this case it’s Venus that accomplishes this, although not the synodic cycle but the orbital period of Venus around the sun (224.7 days): the Venusian year. This has also a relationship with the Tun-cycle: 5 Tun almost precisely equals 8 Venusian years. The period between both formations turns out to equal 5 Tun minus 2 days. This exactly equals 8 Venusian years. However when we go back 9 Venusian years (9 feathers right), we arrive at the 21st December 2003. This is 9 years before the completion of the erection of the new world tree on the 21st December 2012: the true meaning of this date. As mentioned before, the 2004-formation has perfectly been connected with the start of new age by the Tzolkin, 11 Tzolkincycles later. The new peacock-formation has been created 4 Tzolkincycles before the 11th May 2012, just before the solar eclipse of the 20th May and the “end of time”. The 11th May 2012 falls precisely 1 orbital period of Venus around the sun before the 21st December 2012. This however is all indirect relationships which moreover relate to an unimportant cycle of Venus. The relative small size of these feathers that points this out also stresses the relative unimportance of these connections. The important “Mayan” Tzolkin- and Tun-cycles don’t bring about a connection with the 21st December 2012, which stresses that this date comes on the second place.

Marc Smulders

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