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Nov. 29 - Inventor's terminal cancer courtesy of Verichip?‏

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Bob Boyce is a famous inventor in the world of ultra-efficient electrolysis and hydroxy research. The chip found in his shoulder at the point of tumor formation turns out to be manufactured by VeriChip.

Inventor's terminal cancer courtesy of Verichip?

Bob Boyce, who has invented a super-efficient electrolysis method, as well as a self-looping electrical circuit capable of charging batteries, discovered a microchip implant in his shoulder when having a tumor removed from that spot, which metastasized. It turns out the chip was made by VeriChip; and he has no idea how it got there.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2009

On Nov. 12, we reported that a South African experimenter has modified an electrolysis circuit developed by Bob Boyce so that now it recharges his daughter's electric vehicle riding toy. We said that what makes this remarkable is that the energy is not drawn from the wall but from the environment somehow; and that he's done this around 35 times now and knows of three replications of the effect by others. We created a feature pagediscussion list to facilitate additional replications and development of the technology.

We also reported in the same story that we had become aware the day before that Bob Boyce, of North Carolina, has "terminal" cancer, and that his days are numbered if some kind of remedy isn't found.

On Nov. 12, Bob wrote:
and a

The cancer that I have developed was not directly due to my research, as many have suggested. Having said that, it did occur under suspicious circumstances. When I was in Florida earlier this year, I noticed a small, hard lump had appeared under the skin of my right shoulder. I wondered where it came from, of course, but did not give it much thought. Over time, the skin over and around the lump turned reddish and became sore.

A few months ago, while working with an EMF meter on the bench in my lab, I noticed that I was picking up a weak signal. Nothing else was running at the time, so I tried locating the source, and traced it to the lump in my shoulder! I made arrangements with my doctor to have it removed, and he suspected a common skin cancer.

The object itself was tiny, about the size of a dry grain of rice, surrounded by a white fibrous shell. It had numerous nerves attached to it.

Once it had been removed, it ceased sending out a signal, as verified by my portable EMF detector.

I wanted to keep it and analyze it myself, but my doctor convinced me to let him send it off to the lab. My doctor sent it and the surrounding tissue off for pathology. Not surprisingly, there was absolutely no mention of the object itself in the pathology report.

The surrounding tissue turned out to be this rare form of cancer that has been linked to excessive x-ray exposure in x-ray technicians. The surgery had disturbed the cancer and sent cancer cells throughout my blood stream. The margins were not clear, indicating that the cancer was still present at the incision site, as well as clear indications now that the cancer has spread. I can't blame the doctor really, as at the time we did not know that it was not a simple skin cancer.

What I really want to know is, what was this object, and how in the heck did it get imbedded in the skin of my shoulder without me knowing about it?

Many of you have sent us emails and made phone calls suggesting various possible cures. We are hopeful that with the information that has come Bob's way that he will be able to secure a complete cure from his cancer.

Meanwhile, on Thanksgiving evening Bob called and left a voice message in which he informed me that it turns out that the chip that was implanted in his shoulder was made by VeriChip, a company that makes implantable microchips.

According to the VeriChip VeriMed page:

About the size of a grain of rice, the microchip is inserted just under the skin and contains only a unique, 16-digit identifier. The microchip itself does not contain any other data other than this unique electronic ID, nor does it contain any Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking capabilities. And unlike conventional forms of identification, the Health Link cannot be lost, stolen, misplaced, or counterfeited. It is safe, secure, reversible, and always with you.

of a VeriChip implant device, the size of a small grain of rice.

Another page on their site describes the RFID technology, which is an essential component of their chips, and the proximity required for reading different kinds of chips, such as those used in automated toll collection.

In his message to me, Bob referred me to a website,, which documents the link between embedded RFID microchips and tumor formation. It cites a paper, Microchip-Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents and Dogs: A Review of the Literature 1990–2006, and summarizes it as follows:

CASPIAN's new report ... is a definitive review of research showing a causal link between implanted radio-frequency (RFID) microchip transponders and cancer in laboratory rodents and dogs. It was written in part to correct industry misstatements and misinformation circulating about the studies.

The report evaluates eleven articles previously published in toxicology and pathology journals. In six of the articles, between 0.8% and 10.2% of laboratory mice and rats developed malignant tumors around or adjacent to the microchips. Two additional articles reported microchip-related cancer in dogs.

In almost all cases, the malignant tumors, typically sarcomas, arose at the site of the implants and grew to surround and fully encase the devices. These fast-growing, malignant tumors often led to the death of the afflicted animals. In many cases, the tumors metastasized or spread to other parts of the animals. The implants were unequivocally identified as the cause of the cancers.

This is one story you will want to pass on to your networks to get the word out about the kinds of nefarious deeds going on to suppress new energy technology that could truly empower people to break free of the powers that be.

I've got a few questions for Bob the next time I talk to him.

  • How did you find out the chip was made by VeriChip?
  • Is your source willing to go on record?
  • Are you planning legal action?
  • Is it okay for Watkykjy1 to disclose to the B-Hex group the full details of how he built his charging device?

I'll probably append his responses here.

I also tried to contact VeriChip for a comment, but being a holiday weekend, I haven't heard back yet.

Meanwhile, here is an update that I reported to the B-Hex group on Nov. 19. Also, I should mention that there are now allegedly four people who have replicated the battery charging effect (being able to charge the same battery that is powering the Boyce circuit).

[Additional News on B-Hex Project]

Watkykjy1 has been extremely busy with his job, putting in 16-hour days, but he did subscribe yesterday to this list in digest version.

I had a good chat with Bob the other day. I wish I had a tape recorder going (if he would have let me; he's a bit squeamish about things like that), because he said so many things that would be crucial to understanding this project.

My personal knowledge on this B-hex topic is quite limited, so I'm afraid I would make things more confusing than not if I tried to report what he said, but I will venture a few things, with the caveat that I may be misunderstand things or mis-conveying them, unintentionally. I was very impressed with Bob's knowledge and talent, and was glad that this replication forum exists to help facilitate the propagation of this amazing technology.

First, I should mention that I was able to put Bob in touch with a healer friend of mine who is confident he could help Bob. The two of them seem to have a lot in common, including their work with breakthrough quantum physics.

Bob told me he's been doing battery charging with the Hex controller for quite a long time. They first achieved a closed loop system several months ago. It's usually "dangerous to power output with the input", so they at first had one set of batteries for input, and another for output. He talked about charging a 48-V DC battery bank being charged by a single battery being powered off a single solar panel. It would draw 100 mA at 12 volts to keep the 48-V battery bank charged.

He did this for eight months straight, but then a lightning strike took it out, and he's not restored the system yet.

He's presently on Revision 3 of the Hex controller.

The kind of capacitors he uses are not "typical," as the typical capacitors could not handle what is going on, but tend to overheat.

The key is in how pulses are applied to the coils. This isn't just another TWM(?). "The devil is in the details -- how the signals are processed before taking them to the coil."

The way the board is laid out enhances the function.

"What we're doing is pulses in 10-100 kHz; not ultrasonic. Have different characteristics, like microwave" (something like that)

Most people who try to build a Tesla coil miss the boat and don't build it right.

He's presently on a business trip with an entity interested in his hydroxy system for use in their fleets. It's a confidential situation that I can't say more about, except that it is very impressive. They're running the system on dynoes that simulate a variety of environments as part of a CARB / EPA testing regimen.

"Hydroxy gas isn't really Brown's gas but Rhodes gas. His is electrolysis. Mine makes a different catalytic process using diff voltages ... low ..."

"I crack water catalytically. Normal hydroxy is 70% ortho to 30% para hydrogen, but I can get up to 100% ortho. The equilibrium state of hydroxy gas is 75% ortho and 25% para, so normal hydroxy starts out at 70:30 but gradually changes to 75:25, whereas mine goes from near 99:1 rapidly down to 75:25, so it is important to use it right away. The ortho is where the 'magic' is."

"Brown's gas can be pressurized up to 50 psi. My gas explodes if pressurized to 12 psi. I have to have a shut-off switch if it goes above 3 psi." (other components increase the pressure from there).

"So there is a wide gamut of hydroxy quality."

Bob has his own NMR machine (8-channel [essentially 16]) that he uses to check the ortho:para ratio. NMR machines are very expensive. There is a cheaper, less accurate way to measure the ortho:para ratio. (??-->) Put chromio oxide in solution, settle in aquarium size, bubble gas through, temperature sensor, sample gas, bubble. Math: 670 Joules/gram ortho to para. (<--??)

In a conversation with the healer friend of mine, regarding the evidence that Bob's cancer was planted, my friend said, "You're very close to doing something to liberate the planet, and they don't want it liberated." He recommended the blood root formula with zinc oxide and distilled water, which looks like black tarry stuff and hurts a lot as it pulls the tumor out from the point of origin. He said that the biopsy is what caused the tumor to spread to the blood via the lymphatic system, and he recommended against any further surgeries.

[Bob said] the technology has the ability to modify gravity, magnetism, and disrupt matter, similar to the Hutchison effect.

When Bob first contacted me a few years ago, one of the reasons he had me post his information at was that he was dying. It was actually Tom Bearden who suggested that he get tested for Gulf War Syndrome. Bob apparently picked it up in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew -- stuff from a nearby military base that was released into the environment that he picked up. He had to take superantibiotics for six months.

All but one of the people that were with him when exposed died of congestive heart failure. He also had a close family member die who refused to be tested for Gulf War Syndrome and receive the treatment.


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